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Hello! Welcome to my website featuring myself and a lot of my work that I've been able to create over the years through my academic career. Learn more about me and check out my portfolio below!


Joshua Trinidad is a soon to be graduate from the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University with an emphasis on editing. 

At an early age, Josh quickly began learning what it would take to become a filmmaker by actively creating his own films. Learning editing programs throughout High School, Josh began to conceptualize the possibility of pursuing this passion further as a career.

Once graduated, he transferred  to EPCC where he was introduced to the many work based skills in the field and experienced the collaboration process with other like minded individuals for the first time. He participated in Radio Broadcasting, took an internship for KCOS Channel 13, and even wrote, directed, and edited his first short film.

He graduated with his Associates in Communications and Television Broadcasting and decided to pursue a higher education at university. Josh packed his belongings and moved out to Las Cruses, New Mexico to study in the field of Digital Film Making at NMSU. Here he learned the creative workflow and process that comes with every position in film, and continued his passion for editing. His projects so far include editing for short films, commercial, and even documentary.

The experience is on-going and has allowed for Josh to evolve even further as a filmmaker. With the connections he has made so far, he continues his journey into the film industry hopeful, optimistic, and prepared to overcome any obstacle that comes his way.


Thank you for checking out my work! If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can send me an email through this contact page!

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